We Are Humanity…In Development

This is Our Team

You are viewing content from the good folks at In Dev, a blog about humanity…which is always in development.

Currently there is myself, Donald as the Editor-in-Chief and founder, Brittany Smith the Sparrow of Truth (a beloved author), Shaquille Kid Neptune (author) and Anthony Craft, boy wonder (a frequent contributor). We all come from different walks of life, but we all have something to say. This is how InDev was born.

We tend to write 1.) when time permits, and 2.) whatever pops into our brains. This may be an editorial treatise on post raciality. Thoughts could also be on post-modern deconstruction of the kitten video craze of the first decade of a 21st century internet highway. We could also write about really good muffins.

In any case, we want to write about our world, our human race, which is ever developing. Hence our name, InDev, Humanity…In Development. We’re glad you stopped by :)

We’ve also got a few people who may come on from time to time offering their occasional musings. If you’re interested, please contact us at indev@upbound.net, we’d be glad to take submissions..

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