InDev Podcast Episode 5 – Lumia 950 and What is a Flagship Device?

Show Notes: This time we discuss our thoughts on the Lumia 950 and attempt to answer the question, What is a Flagship device?


Recording Date: December 5th, 2015

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Hosts, Producers and Guests

Anthony Craft – Co-Host, Producer, Co-Editor-in-Chief of InDev News

Donald Roy Haffenden, Jr. – Co-Host, Producer, and Founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief of InDev News


Podcast Rundown

Introduction of Podcast & Brief Intro of Hosts (00:00)

Play Intro Jingle: Welcome to the InDev Podcast, where humanity is always…in development. We’re a peculiar blog functioning as a Subsidiary of Upbound Online. We often talk tech but venture into other arenas such as social issues of philosophy. You can find us on the net @ that’s / as well as you typical social platforms FB, TW, and IG. Again this is InDev Podcast Episode 5: The Lumia 950 and What is a Flagship? Welcome, and enjoy.

Lumia 950 Review (10:50)

What Makes a Flagship Device? (39:00)

We used to live in simpler times. Five years ago, there was only one iPhone, one Palm Pre, one Nokia N8, and one Xperia X10. Each mobile company’s flagship phone was readily identifiable. But then 2011 and the inexorable rise of Android happened, and now the very idea of a flagship is starting to feel dubious. Is LG’s best phone the G4 or the V10? Is Samsung’s flagship the Galaxy S6 or the Note 5? And which iPhone is Apple’s most important one?

One phone no longer fits all

In today’s mobile world, every smartphone manufacturer recognizes that one size isn’t enough to fit all. Google has the single-handed Nexus 5X and the extra-large Nexus 6P, which are neatly matched by Microsoft’s 5.2-inch Lumia 950 and 5.7-inch 950 XL. Beyond the aforementioned iPhones and Galaxy devices, Sony has an established habit of producing its flagship device in two sizes, and Motorola has even contemplated screen size as an option for its Moto Maker customization service.

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Outro and After Cast (1:00:39)

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Anthony Hamilton & The Hamiltones cover Drake’s “Hotline Bling”

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Donald Haffenden, Jr

Donald Haffenden, Jr

I'm Donald Haffenden, Jr. , founder and Chief Editor of In Dev Blog, a subsidiary of Upbound Creations. In the day I teach 30 some high energy 5 year olds, but at night, I totally fight crime...with this keyboard. What can I say the pen is more powerful than the sword. I’m a alumnus of Trinity College (B.A. in Philosophy and Human Rights Studies), and I'm now in CUNY Brooklyn College (M.S. in Education). I also play a lot of Halo and am obsessed with Star Trek. So yeah, this will be fun!

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