InDev Podcast Episode 4 – Tech and Laziness – Xbox One Holiday Season

Show Notes: This week we discuss if technology makes one more lazy, Xbox and the holiday season, and do a little Xbox vs PS4 conversation. Of course, however, we do not do all of this without first having a brief but important conversation about the recent attacks claimed by ISIS abroad.

Welcome to the Podcast by the good folks of InDev, That’s Humanity…and Tech…In Development: A peculiar Blog. This is actually our third recorded blog as the first two experienced some technical difficulties. Your hosts this week is myself ArmofJustice a.k.a. Donald Haffenden, Jr, and Anthony Craft Co-editor of InDev. Mastered in 128kbps.

Recording Date: November 14th, 2015

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Hosts, Producers and Guests

Anthony Craft – Co-Host, Producer, Co-Editor-in-Chief of InDev News

Donald Roy Haffenden, Jr. – Co-Host, Producer, and Founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief of InDev News


Podcast Rundown

Introduction of Podcast & Brief Intro of Hosts (00:00)

Play Intro Jingle: Welcome to InDev Podcast, that’s is humanity is always…in development. We’re a peculiar blog functioning as a Subsidiary of Upbound Online. You can find us on the net @ that’s / as well as you typical social platforms FB, TW, and IG. Again this is InDev Podcast.

Social Block: Brief Conversation on Paris, but Where is Barut, Does Technology Make Us Lazy or Promotes Innovation (2:00)

Einstein Quote about remembering vs. Looking up:

Gaming Block: Xbox Bundles, New Experience, 360 Emulation and Holiday Season vs PlayStation, Vue, and Their Take on Oculus Rift (25:37)

Outro and After Podcast(01:05:15)

Michael Jackson Grunt:

Michael Jackson Grunt Slow and Evil:

Michael Jackson Grunts 10 Hours: I Dare You:

Donald Haffenden, Jr

Donald Haffenden, Jr

I'm Donald Haffenden, Jr. , founder and Chief Editor of In Dev Blog, a subsidiary of Upbound Creations. In the day I teach 30 some high energy 5 year olds, but at night, I totally fight crime...with this keyboard. What can I say the pen is more powerful than the sword. I’m a alumnus of Trinity College (B.A. in Philosophy and Human Rights Studies), and I'm now in CUNY Brooklyn College (M.S. in Education). I also play a lot of Halo and am obsessed with Star Trek. So yeah, this will be fun!

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