Trinity: A Graphic History of the first Atomic Bomb Book Review

TrinityBook Title: Trinity: a Graphic History of the first Atomic Bomb

Author/Illustrator: Jonathan Fetter-Vorm

Since adolescence, graphic novels have always peaked my interest, so when I heard about Trinity I knew I had to get my hands on a copy!   I was pleasantly surprised to learn so much about atomic weapons in a graphic novel format.

Fetter-Vorm opens the book with Dr. Oppenheimer, one of the Manhattan project’s lead scientists, retelling the story of Prometheus as a method to foreshadow the books continuously present theme of ethics. A great power of the “graphic history” is the constant reminder of the implications of atomic weapons at the time and in our present day. Some of the ways the author/illustrator conveys the frightening existence of nuclear (and more recently thermonuclear weapons) through tortured illustrations of the deadliest weapons that existed prior to the existence of Fat Man and Little Boy.Trinity Photo Clip

Lest we forget that Fetter- Vorm is an illustrator he peppers the graphic novel with multiple page sparse spreads that impress upon the reader sheer destruction and emptiness. Towards the end of the book, the text on pages appears less dense and haunting expansive sketches of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are featured.

Though this is a skinny and a quick read, this volume offers an explanation of the origins of nuclear weapons for the average person. Trinity: a Graphic History of the first Atomic Bomb is a highly recommended read (5/5).

Kadi Sissoko

Kadi Sissoko

Currently a middle school teacher, Kadi Sissoko is a contributor to InDev News in the form of resident book reviewer. She eclipses most with her exceptional reading rate.

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