Idongivafuc Syndrome

Idongivafuc Syndrome

Whether we want to agree with it or not, there are a lot of us out there that just like sitting on our computers, over consistently standing or interacting with people. Some people call them introverts, others call them lazy- others, a disease. Regardless, this epidemic seems to be sweeping America where Americans of all ages are suffering from what seems to be an outbreak of “idontgivafuc” syndrome.

You might be suffering from it. Have you ever been sitting on in a chair, scrolling through your Facebook feed, come across a semi-interesting article that you would like to pursue further, only to find that it’s too much effort to click the link? Maybe it was texting a friend back, but then you realized you would have to write too much, so instead you acted as if you forgot about it, or didn’t get it. Or maybe, God forbid, you had to leave your home to walk across the street somewhere to get a Dunkin Donut coffee, to only realize that you rather sit at home and complain about how too far it is. Yeah me too….

Regardless of whether you groan every time you have to stand up during a PD (professional development, aka, torture for teachers), or your boss asks you to get something for them, we are suffering from it, and while it’s fun to joke it can actually be pretty bad for society.

Think of it this way. This article, you probably had to type in Google where you magically came across this site, as opposed to the million of other ones you could have chose. Maybe you saw this on your Facebook feed, and it sounded more appealing then your friends who posted another picture of their child.  Regardless, it was magic, and we’re not talking Harry Potter. But why is something that seemed like a phenomena so trivial today?

Why is it that show’s that rated music, video games, movies, are now nothing but a distant memory, and even reading a review where we reply “TDLR” is the new “thing to do”.

It’s time world, that we don’t say “Nobody got time for that” and change it to “Maybe I should read and see what I can learn from this person.”

Lets end the lazy epidemic. Stay introverted, but not cognitively lazy. Lets learn from one another. I promise it will at least be something worthwhile and thank you for reading.

TDLR: Stop being lazy you asshole.

Brittany Smith

Brittany Smith

My name is Brittany Smith – but not your average Brittany Smith – THE Brittany Smith, you know, the one you’re reading about! I hail from all over this country, currently residing in that little city called New York , New York. Really- it is little – people can run a marathon through it in about 3 hours! But I would call that little wang of America and its mitten the state where I lived the longest in. (Florida and Michigan if you didn’t get my awful pun).

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