Bakari, bearer of a message from beyond Time and Space

Perhaps the simplest explanation of my personal philosophy and mindset is that humility is the virtue of paramount importance.  I believe with every fiber of my being that in order to reach mastery in any form of art or endeavor, one must learn to humble themselves, and not just in the most obvious of senses.

It is as important to understand that from the posture of humility one is in a position to improve their craft by learning from subjects or scenarios that seem unpleasant to an artist.  That then leads me to the second cardinal virtue that guides me, which is namely learning.

Only the student can learn, and thus their potential for growth is absolute, I don’t ever want to transcend the role of the student.  The marked determination of an imagination alight with illumination and the sundering of ignorance. The surrendering of blindness on the altar of wisdom.  These are the moments I live for, to be free from the deluding aether. And to grasp hold of the forbidden fruit, peeling back the layered dimensionality of reality and peering beyond at the core of ontology.

Even with the finite time left to me, if only for an instant of illumination, ten decades of folly will have been well worth it.

People often believe that death begins on the eve of the body’s degradation.  Truthfully, we are truly dead when our senses become inert, and with what little knowledge I wield, I intend to act as an agent of entropy against the perpetually deleterious elements of our culture sapping the strength from our senses.

Bakari Levy

Before anything else, I am a student. One who strives towards continuous refinement of my craft and technique. At once I am a writer, engineer, philosopher, or historian. Any subject made available to me is used as a tool to better understand the world, and in so doing to better my perception of self. While professionally and academically I am pursuing a career in engineering, I do truly believe that I have no higher calling other than to be a student to all subjects. Through humility, I will be set free.

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