Uptown Indeed Funks You Up

If you know anything about my childhood, then you know my musical tastes are rooted somewhere between the election of Eisenhower and the Motown 25 telecast thanks in large part to my dad’s DJ past and my mother’s musical threaten background. What’s more is that I have tracks on my iPod as old at the beginning of Byzantine Empire. That said my heart is firmly planted between the sounds of Doo-Woop and 80s dance!

I think Bruno Mars’ spirit is set up in a similar fashion. I echo the hilarious words of my family members in saying that, “I think the doctor that smacked him on his bottom at birth was black”! That is not to say that white folks cannot equally appreciate or create this sub-culture of music. In fact, arguably Mars’ funkiest and most nostalgic track yet is on an album produced and arranged by  contemporary white English DJ Mark Ronson. It’s his album Uptown Special (2015) is his brain child, and Mars features on that single track UpTown Funk!; however, it is that single track that has rebirthed the undeniable energy of the funk genre into a young generation of music listeners, and the roots of the funk genre is in turn undeniably sourced in African-American culture.  Given the fact that Mars was hit upside his bottom my probably the entire ensemble of Earth, Wind and Fire at birth, we can explain his exceptionally old soul XD.

That said music adheres to no racial requisites and UpTown Funk! is no exception. It speaks to the crazy, youthful playful side in all of us, and I can’t help but jam it it every time I hear the track.

Ronson’s album is a total ode to the funkier times of the 1970s and 1980s. Some are more modern electronic/techno infused funk, but a lot of it is more traditionally scored, and UpTown Funk! is perhaps the most traditional funk genre track to be released in years. Since the song has been picked up in commercials and other mediums of promotion, the VeVo YouTube count jumped from an honorable 173 Millions plays over the course of 5 months to 288 Millions views with a single month’s time (The original track was posted to YouTube on Nov 19, 2014). Here’s to funk music proving once again that it can still take over a party in one measure’s worth of time.

Update (10/4/2015): This music video has now exceeded 1.04 Billion views…nuff said)

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Donald Haffenden, Jr

Donald Haffenden, Jr

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