My Windows 10 Nightmare

I spent the greater part of 5 hours trying to install the latest build of Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 3. I work in the computing center of a small private liberal arts college in Connecticut, but I am regarded by the people I work with as the resident Windows 8/8.1 expert. A self-proclaimed Microsoft fanboy, I installed the technical preview months ago on a virtual machine from my desktop with Hyper-V. For the first time ever I felt confident enough to install it on my primary machine. Spoiler alert: It was a big mistake.

I am currently typing this on my Surface that is running a—now “stable”—Windows 10 install. What preceded this however, was hours of frustration and fear of having lost data due to a bad install. I don’t know whether or not luck was simply not in my favor, or if this issue is more widespread, but when Windows 10 finished installing I had so many problems logging in, booting without crashing, and simple boot order changes that I considered wiping the device altogether. Foolishly I didn’t first make a backup ISO of my stable Windows 8.1 install, but I expected things to go without a hitch.

Problems aside, Windows 10 so far has impressed me more than I anticipated. Cortana works better here than it does on the phone, a thing I attribute to the Windows group’s increased focus on desktop Windows 10 leaving WP8.1 on the backburner. However, my first impressions are simultaneously nightmarish and excited. I plan on documenting my experience further as someone who should—according to Microsoft PR—be getting the best possible experience of their services since I’m using all their platforms. Hopefully things only improve in this technical preview, but installation trouble aside Windows 10 is shaping up to be a really big win. Pun intended.

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Anthony Craft

Anthony Craft

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