Donald. An Intro to my Brain

Hallo Welt!

Here you have the one and only Donald brain (not to be confused with the Donald Sr.brain Mark I, with similar specs). I am a Mark II consciousness in service for 22 years. I operate primarily in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A., but I have also extended my A.I. to the likes of 5 other U.S. States, London, England, UK, Vienna (Wien) Austria, Salzburg, AU, Prague and Budapest. I’ve somehow done all of this while avoiding rampancy.

Bad A.I. pun aside, I’m not your typical nerd. I enjoy math and science, but I thrive on philosophy and politics. I can enjoy a kale and spinach salad with salmon lox and poached eggs, or oxtails with rice and peas topped with fried chicken (because everything can be topped with fried chicken internet be damned!).

I throw down with Star Trek and Star Wars (and BSG), I mess with both Hume and Jesus, and I’m currently a 3rd grad teacher. I also radiate desktop viruses, do professional photography, produce film shorts and play the tin whistle. Add a love for random assortments of music and some critical sociological views on post raciality and you get me…sort of.

That’s just a glimpse. If you’d like, follow me down the rabbit whole that is my brain for the slow yet steady unveiling of my thoughts. I am an ongoing project, and I’d like to share that with you.

Donald Haffenden, Jr

Donald Haffenden, Jr

I'm Donald Haffenden, Jr. , founder and Chief Editor of In Dev Blog, a subsidiary of Upbound Creations. In the day I teach 30 some high energy 5 year olds, but at night, I totally fight crime...with this keyboard. What can I say the pen is more powerful than the sword. I’m a alumnus of Trinity College (B.A. in Philosophy and Human Rights Studies), and I'm now in CUNY Brooklyn College (M.S. in Education). I also play a lot of Halo and am obsessed with Star Trek. So yeah, this will be fun!

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